Communication Struggles

So I want to do a series about lesson planning but the best way to do that is to break down the components of the lessons. Communication is a major part of all my lessons because most of my students are non-verbal. Lately, I feel like that have reached a point in their language development that I can't get them the past, they have labels and can make a request but I really need them to use words for true language. So this post will be how I have started to be more intentional about getting my students using their preferred modality of communication functionally.
Project Core has great strategies for implementing the use of core words in the classroom.  One of the strategies I have been trying is Predictable Writing Charts because it is a systematic approach to writing. Since I have seen success in the systematic approach to large group reading with increased reading comprehension I gave this a try. My district uses Fontas and Pinnell LLI so I decided to use the story that I read in the small group as sentence stems. 
Here is my planning for Predictable Writing Charts for the upcoming week. This week in short because President's Day is Monday so we don't have school. The lesson is supposed to be 5 days but Friday I will do two activities. So during shared reading, we will make a book.
Tuesday: Day 1: Writing the sentences
Wednesday Day 2: Reread sentences and analyze
Thursday: Day 3: Cutting and reconstructing sentences.
Friday: Day 4: Be the Sentence/and Make a book.

We are reading the book titled Rex, so the Topic will be What do you like to play outside? 
What activities do you use to incorporate in your classroom to add in Core Vocabulary?

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