Bucket Filling Classroom

At the beginning of the last school, year every classroom in on my campus had to come up with a discipline management plan. So one day during my Youtube binge watching I ran across One Fab Teacher's video about Bucket Fillers and I decided to try this as a classroom management plan. I did not think it would work because I teach non-verbal children with autism and low incidence disabilities that seems like there aren't any other students in the class so having them be empathic was a bit of a reach. 

However, I set the expectation and we will be over best to reach it. 

My campus uses Restorative Discipline and Character Traits so I thought How full is Your Bucket and Have You Filled a Bucket Today was a great way to teach my children how their actions affect others. 
These were the two books available in my library that I check out to read to my students the first week of school. I had paraprofessionals come up with a creative way to make buckets and drops with the character traits on them.
I also talked about emotions with my students and identified for them how they were feeling when I saw an emotion that was familiar to me and the Good/Poor choices sort daily. 
This discipline management process was a success. My students became more aware of each other and were intentional about each other's emotions. 

If you are looking for a classroom management plan I highly recommend giving this one a try, the rewards are numerous. 

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